Use solar inverter and go eco-friendly

Inverters have become the need of the hour because today’s world cannot survive without electricity even for a second. Thus, these inverters are finding their place in both residences as well as in commercial areas. The normal inverters consume electricity for charging but the solar energy storage systems use solar energy for their operations. These inverters convert DC current to AC current by using the solar power.

DC current flows in single direction and can be used to power up the devices like MP3 players, iPod, gadgets etc. however, the AC current is used for powering up the household gadgets of daily use like refrigerator, microwave etc.  They also have a solar charge controller that manages the input of power into the inverter’s battery. They make sure that the batteries are not overcharged and the power does not run in the opposite direction at night.

The solar inverters are also of several types. Some of them are as follows:

Grid Tie Inverter

This inverter is associated with a grid. These inverters provide power in grid with corresponding frequency and phase. It is due to the fact that the frequency changes with country and it s the frequency that affects the AC power supplied to the electrical lines.

Micro Inverter

It is the modern inverter in solar industry. These are small in size, portable and compact and thus these are considered as the best when it comes to taking an inverter on the go. They also offer high performance.

Battery backup Inverter

As the name suggests these inverters are used to extract energy from a charged battery. These are a special type of inverter. The battery’s charge is preserved using the on-board charger. The additional energy is supplied to the grid. These inverters are highly capable of providing the AC current to the appliances when there is a power cut.

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