Selecting your favorite trade setups in 3 easy steps

The success of the traders depends on a lot of factors. Knowledge and proper education is not the most vital element. Every detail plays a crucial role in finding a good trade. You may think, the world’s most expensive trading method is the most secure way to earn money but it won’t work if you chose a bad broker in the United Kingdom. Starting from the selection of the broker and ending with the execution of the trade, all these are equally important at trading.

Becoming confused by seeing the state of the market is very common. At times, traders become frustrated by seeing the complicated nature of the market and spend a huge amount time selecting their setup. As the majority of traders use different types of patterns, it’s crucial to have a favorite setup to solve the complexities in real-life trading. Let’s learn to develop favorite setup in 3 easy steps.

1.   Determine your financial need

To become good at trading, you must determine the financial need. Without analyzing the financial need, it’s very hard to scale the trade. Especially for the traders whose primary source of income is going to be trading, they must know how much money they must earn from this market per month to ensure financial stability. Based on those number the trading method must be curated following your trading balance. If the trading method becomes too much risk due to insufficient balance, the traders should not take trading as their full-time business. Once you know you have money with which you can trade with less risk, you can define the trade setups.

The trade setups need to be based on your profit factor. The model must not be aggressive or too conservative. It should be in a balance point so that the traders can take the trade without thinking about the high-risk approach. If the setup is devised based on your profit requirement, soon it becomes your favorite setup.

2.   Trade a stable asset

You can’t find any favorite setup if you trade with multiple assets. You have to trade with a premium broker and find the favorite asset. Visit now to see the assets listed in Saxo and you can easily pick the asset with price movement that is familiar to you. But you must not select any asset that has an unstable price movement. Choosing a market that has a stable market movement has a huge advantage. It will keep the trading process organized.

Based on the average price moment of your favorite asset, you have to determine the take profit. Usually, the SL for the trade is determined by the candlestick pattern. So, you must learn about the candlestick pattern to ensure that you have the best possible trade setups.

3.   Try to understand the sentiment of the market

Understanding the market sentiment is the most crucial things in trading. If you ignore the market sentiment, you won’t be able to take the trades with confidence. The market movement might not follow the technical and fundamental analysis due to market sentiment. Equip your trading method with the sentiment analysis process as it will help you to trade the trades with proper discipline. Once you can manage the trades based on sentiment, you will see a significant boost in trading performance.

Sentiment analysis is not that hard to learn. You have to monitor the price movement and see the factors and pattern that causes massive spikes. But without learning to analyze the real-time market, you can’t take the trades’ based on the market sentiment. Take your time and try to limit the risk by following the conservative approach at trading. Forget about the aggressive approach and follow the long term goals. Be a disciplined trader and soon you will realize the perfect way of taking the trades.

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