On Camera Acting Classes in Denver

A child’s education is more than just math, science, reading, writing, and social studies. It is about learning life skills that will serve them in any area of their lives both in and out of school. It is also about learning more about what they’re most interested in. For some kids, filmmaking is an area of intense interest, and we offer on camera acting classes in Denver to help them become even better actors, directors, creators, and producers.

In our classes and camps, students learn to embrace their personalities on-camera. They become more confident in their on-camera personas and learn to become more effective communicators. They do this by creating news broadcasts, YouTube videos, mini-movies, and even talk shows. What they create comes from their own imaginations, so they take more ownership of and responsibility for it than they would if they were just told a topic to make a film about.

Our courses inspire young people to use the camera as a tool. It is a tool to help them grow in a positive learning environment. Their imaginations are given room to soar, and they develop literacy, expression, and communication skills. Additionally, they learn to become adaptable and life-long learners who possess teamwork skills. All of the skills they learn in our camps and classes are skills that employers are crying for in their workers in the adult world. We foster and encourage growth in these areas.

We strive to help kids develop a positive image of themselves and to have a toolbox they can pull from to help them communicate in any social environment. Our core values include collaboration, positivity, critical thinking, passion, engagement, trust, perseverance, and inspiration.

We work to instill these values through classes that are 5, 8, 10, or 12 weeks in length. We also offer summer, winter, fall, and spring break camps that are one week long. There is a class length and topic for just about any interest a student may have in drama and filmmaking. When they finish with one class, they can take another or perhaps take more than one simultaneously. They will learn in a fun environment with teachers who are passionate about the work that they do. In the end, they learn skills necessary for effective communication and collaboration as well as the technical details needed to create a variety of films.

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