5 Signs That Your Car AC Compressor Is About To Fail

During the summer season, isn’t it stressful to go on a road trip and find out that your car’s air conditioning system is not properly working? If your AC unit is not giving off the cool air you sorely need, you need to check the AC compressor immediately and inspect if it’s damaged and needs to be replaced.

Considered as one of the most important Mercedes Benz parts, the AC compressor is the heart of your vehicle’s AC system. It takes on the crucial role of pressurizing the system and ensuring that the refrigerant is smoothly and efficiently flowing. Any problem with the compressor would leave a negative impact on the whole system.

Remember, They’re Meant to Wear Over Time

Every time you turn on your car’s AC unit, the compressor becomes subjected to natural wear and tear. With continued use, you’d need to replace it or have it repaired at one point in the future.

Knowing this inevitable truth, it is but wise to know when is the right time to fix or replace a failing compressor. Like any other Mercedes Bens parts, not attending to this concern can cause even more expensive consequences.

Keep An Eye On These Signs

To have an idea if your compressor already needs some servicing, be mindful of these five tell-tale signs:

It doesn’t give out cool air

Your AC system is supposed to give you that comforting cool air when you’re inside your car. If the cabin temperature is higher than the normal, it could mean that there’s something wrong with your system. A damaged compressor will fail to regulate the flow of refrigerant. And even if it does give out cool air, the temperature can fluctuate and be erratic.

It produces a loud noise when turned on

The AC compressor is made up of internal components and bearings. If these Mercedes bens parts get damaged, it will produce a loud noise whenever the AC unit is engaged. Because of the intricacy of these parts, most experts would recommend replacing the whole compressor than just repairing it.

It is already rusting

If you do a visual inspection of your compressor and you notice that it is already rusting, or there’s some physical damage, it’s a surefire symptom alerting you that there’s a problem with your compressor. These damages can cause premature wear and cause oft-fluctuating temperatures whenever your AC unit is running.

The clutch is not moving

For the Mercedes’ AC system’s pulley to engage and disengage from engine power, the clutch on the compressor should be in good running condition. If it breaks and fails to move, your AC compressor won’t receive any engine power. As a cost-effective solution, the whole compressor (instead of the clutch alone) should be replaced.

There are refrigerant leaks

A strong sign of a failing AC compressor is the presence of refrigerant leaks. Bear in mind that your AC system is a closed one, and it shouldn’t give out any trace of refrigerants. If you do a leak test and it turns out to be positive, or if your notice that your refrigerant level is low, don’t hesitate to call for professional help.

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